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* Get ready to bring some beachy vibes to your room with our awesome Nautical Wall Decor! This cool wall plate is handwoven with love and care, making it totally unique and special.


The wall plate is round in shape and comes in a cool mix of colors. You'll find shades of gray, white, beige, light yellow, and brown that all blend together to create a super cool and natural look. It's like having a piece of the beach right on your wall!


To give it an even more authentic look, we've added a special patina that imitates sand. This makes the wall plate look even cooler and adds to the coastal boho vibe. It's like having a mini beach right in your room!


You can use this Nautical Wall Decor in so many ways. Hang it on your wall like a wicker basket or use it as a cool beach-inspired decoration. It's perfect for adding a touch of coastal style to your room and making it feel like a little beach getaway.


So, if you want a rad and unique wall hanging that screams "beachy vibes," our Nautical Wall Decor is the perfect choice. It's the ultimate beach wall hanging for all the cool kids out there who love coastal boho and want to bring a touch of the beach to their space.


Materials: eco-rattan, premium natural raffia, natural sea shells, non-toxic waterbased protective finish


Nautical Wall Decor with Natural Raffia and Sea Shells

SKU: ana26
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